“Let’s start here: I freakin’ love this album. Next thing: Ryan Rud is brilliant. With those two factual statements made, let’s move on to the music, which is by nature a more subjective thing. Ryan dropped a message in our suggestion box, and I am so glad he did. Though I confess to being at a bit of a loss as how to describe this music. Here are some defining words that come to mind as I listen: Intense. Atmospheric. Unique. Textured. Trippy. Creative. Fascinating. The album I’m talking about is No Amount of Darkness by Frequency Collisions. The band is, in fact, one man, and his name is Ryan Rud. I am astonished that one man, alone, created this collection of sounds and moods. Of his music, Ryan states, “…mixes multiple genres and sounds to create ambient, heady, textured, and sonically rich music.” One phrase he uses encompasses all of his music perfectly: “canvas of sound”. It’s as if he’s painting us an auditory portrait.”

Darcia - Soundwaves Review